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The kayak brackets and lights are simple to use, easy to attach and provide constant light in the darker hours of the day. They are built for both the front and rear of the ski or kayak. The lights are rated to be submerged in water rather than splash proof so they will last many years.

Lightweight and sleek

The lights and brackets are lightweight, and designed to suit any kayak or ski. They are attached using four oversized suction cups to provide plenty of pull and sheer resistance, and they float! Our products come in a range of colours so you can match your ski colour or make a bolder statement with a contrasting colour.

Strong and lightweight

Under 200 grams, made from sturdy PLA which also floats!


Pricing affordable for most budgets

Continuous improvement

Designs and materials are always developing. Look out for new products coming soon!

About us

Born from a close call

After being an avid paddler for many years, Tango Charlie Lights owner Reggie Probst started paddling with K1 kayaks, moved to Spec Skis and then finally to Ocean Skis.

After spending a lot of time paddling in the early mornings and late afternoons, Reggie had always been aware of how difficult skis and kayaks are to see in the water. He started out taping torches to his skis with duct tape in an effort to make it easier for other boats to see him.

Tango Charlie Lights are not boat lights adapted for use on a ski or kayak. They are lights designed and built for paddlers, by a paddler.